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My 914-6Gt was painted by 914 headquarters a number of years ago, I was going to have Eurotech touch it up. It soon became apparent it was not to Mark’s standards, so I gave him the go ahead to make it what it should be. The color choice was mine so I can’t blame him for that, I am very satisfied with the results.

J. Hines

My 1972 VW Karmann Ghia was a real mess after being hit from behind and shoved into the back of car in front of me!  This car has been my pride and joy since buying it off the showroom floor.  Mark and his crew did a fabulous job of finding scarce hard-to-find parts and meticulously putting her back together.  They even took care of several items that were not accident related and she is a real head-turner again.  Mark was very patient with an anxious owner who was on hand constantly taking pictures of the progression.

N. Wall

I am so pleased with the craftsmanship that Eurotech has shown in the work they have done for me. I have presented some unusual vehicles in need of delicate and yet complex repairs to Eurotech. Each car, when completed, was done to an exceptional level of high quality. The repair work was unnoticeable and the paint matching superb. Total satisfaction.  Thanks Mark & Crew.

J. Larson

“We wouldn’t send our customers anywhere else.”

Joe from Big People Scooters”

“Eurotech Bodywerkes takes care of their people. The communication between Eurotech and I was awesome. My scoot-scoot looks like New Money.”

E. Kyles

“My bike was returned to me looking new. They were attentive and beyond friendly courteous.”

G Ellis

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I’m very particular about my car. I told Mark when I dropped it off that I would be there every day during the process – taking pictures, asking questions and just being overly concerned with each step. I care about this car probably more than I should and watching it go through this process was going to be a bit traumatic. Mark and his crew were unbelievably accommodating. He was extremely patient during the entire process – even during the 4-5 days that I could have sworn it was painted the wrong color… which it obviously wasn’t. At one point, the car was nearly completely assembled and then dissembled again. This is because Mark wasn’t ‘quite happy’ and wanted to make sure the car was perfect, so he took it completely apart again, repainted and re-assembled. That’s the level of obsessive-compulsive that only a select few Porsche owners could appreciate. In summary, after 4 weeks, the car is in the garage and I can’t stop smiling – it’s perfect. Thanks again to Mark and Eurotech. I can’t say enough how great they were to work with.

D. Pilerinos

I brought my car to Mark and his crew to repair rock chip damage from a road trip to California. They worked things out with the insurance company, helped me select the appropriate period-correct Porsche color, stripped the body, replaced seals and glass, preformed some additional “while I’m there” upgrades and then finally put an amazing metallic black on her. They patiently showed me the progress each time I dropped by, which was almost daily. Mark demonstrated that his attention to detail matches my expectations and that is something I rarely see. His ability to work with the tricky 993 front end was impressive. Words like “meticulous”, “thorough”, “obsessive”, and “correct” come to mind when trying to describe the outcome, but the best way to say it is that each time I see the car I smile and I know that the job was done right at every step.

M. Piaseczny

I would recommend anyone with a passion for their vehicle and attention to detail to use Eurotech Bodywerkes for repair, restoration or modification. I have worked with Mark Israel over the last 10 plus years and he has done everything from fixing rattles in my door panel to a complete frame replacement. He is always there to greet me and I get honest answers and honest pricing right from the owner’s mouth- this is something you do not get very often in the automotive industry and the main reason I send all of my family and friends there!

D. Vyzis

My relationship with Mark at Eurotech Bodywerkes is the classic love / hate relationship. As many who have experienced the dreaded task of entrusting our prized automobiles to any body shop for repairs whether it be by our own dumb mistake or by some outside occurrence outside of our control. Regardless of fault, this is where my dilemma lies.

I hate to contact Mark at Eurotech Bodywerkes because by doing so, some damage has already occurred to one of my cars.

However, I love the result of Mark's finished product. In addition to returning the cars back to OEM quality he also has the skill set and experience to customize on request.

I find the entire team at Eurotech Bodywerkes profession and personal. They take the time to listen to your concerns, accept calls with any questions, keep you abreast on their work status and deliver an excellent finished product as committed within a reasonable timeframe.

D. Eng

“Eurotech has completed numerous projects for me and although each project was different, what was consistent was Eurotech’s thoughtful approach and impeccable implementation.” 

R. Wagner

“I have been using Eurotech for almost twenty years. They have done everything from simple door dings and big scratches to a full restoration of an old hot rod. I am very impressed with Mark’s ability to match and blend modern paints on collision work.”

K. Mackinnon from K&M Automotive

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